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Breaking Barriers: The Ongoing Realities Women Face in the Workplace

Women have made great strides in improving their position in various aspects of life, including education and the workforce. However, women still face obstacles and realities in the workplace that are often overlooked or misunderstood. Women’s realities in the workplace According to a LinkedIn survey, the percentage of women employed in leadership positions increased from […]

ChatGPT: How AI is Revolutionizing HR Practices

In recent years, technology has rapidly transformed the workplace, changing the way we work and interact with our colleagues. With the introduction of new digital tools and innovative software, businesses have become more efficient, productive, and competitive. One of the digital tools that are being leveraged into the workplace is “ChatGPT”, an Artificial Intelligence chatbot […]

Balancing the Scales: How to Make Quiet Hiring Work for Both Employers and Employees

Last year, “quiet quitting” trended in the Human Resources sphere wherein employees perform only the minimum requirements for their job and refuse to go beyond that. In response to this, many employers started implementing “quiet firing” strategies, where they did not provide appropriate training or advancement opportunities, essentially forcing the employee to leave. As a […]

The Evolving Importance of Work-life Balance in Today’s Job Market

On June 1933, the National Industrial was enacted by the American congress as an urgent measure to address the economic distress brought about by the “Great Depression”, at the behest of President Franklin Roosevelt. This Act aimed to establish limits on the number of working hours, as well as minimum wages and the right to […]

HR Strategy: The Benefits of Pay Transparency in Improving Employee Relations and Building an Equitable Workplace

Companies have developed cultures that impact employees’ outlook and job performance. In today’s fast-paced work environment, businesses are constantly seeking new ways to attract and retain top talent. While offering competitive salaries and benefits packages is certainly important, many companies are discovering the benefits of pay transparency as an HR strategy to improve employee relations. […]

The Wage-Health Insurance Trade-Off: How Employers are Responding to Rising Labor Costs

In every company, employer-sponsored health insurance has been a crucial component of the healthcare system for decades.   Employers have, however, faced growing labor expenses in recent years as a result of a number of reasons, such as minimum wage increases, unionization initiatives, and a contracting labor market. Thus, some firms are reviewing their employee […]

Artificial Intelligence Technology to Replace HR Functions?

As the world continues to modernize, technology slowly replaces human labor. Many businesses and companies around the world are widely adopting core HR technology systems. Is it really possible that even the Human Resources job will be replaced in the near future? Artificial intelligence is the term used to describe technology that performs tasks that […]