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A Massive Layoff of Several Companies this 2023 has now been Undertaken

Indeed, the trajectory of job losses across sectors over time is disconcerting. Several businesses are now undertaking massive layoffs of employees. Experts claimed that the pandemic is the primary culprit of this. In the peak of Covid-19, they must adopt the online paradigm and hire personnel because it quarantines the entire world. Normalcy returns, forcing […]

Dr. Timothy Low – CEO and a member of the Board of Directors | Farrer Park Hospital in Singapore.

He was formerly CEO of Gleneagles Hospital Singapore, and an Asia Pacific Medical Affairs Senior Executive across Bio-Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and CRO industries at Shire/Takeda, Covidien/Medtronic, Schering Plough/MSD, Covance and GlaxoWellcome (now known as GSK). He was awarded the “50 Most Talented Healthcare Leaders of Asia” as well as the “Hospital Management Asia Excellence Award” […]

A Trek Across Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A significant percentage of 62% of job seekers prioritize a company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion when considering job offers. It highlights the importance for companies to create and maintain a culture that values and promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion) are essential to a solid and successful company. […]

1% SSS Contribution Hike at the Height of Inflation

SSS members’ contribution in the Philippines raised to 14%– until it reaches 15% by 2025–  is currently regulated this January 2023 under Republic Act No. 11199  known as the Social Security Act of 2018, as per President and Chief Executive Officer Michael G. Regino. The SSS increase was announced in December 2022, at the height […]

Professional Tips to the HR leaders: Putting People First

By concentrating on a few critical areas, HR leaders may be prepared for the workplace of the future: 1. Upskilling and reskilling their workforce: As technology advances, HR leaders need to ensure that their employees have the skills they need to stay competitive. This could involve providing training and development opportunities, encouraging employees to learn […]

Constructive Strategies: A Boost for the Job Satisfaction of the Employees

Job satisfaction is necessary for a successful workplace, as it encourages workers to be productive and dedicated. When employees are happy and content in their job, they are more likely to stay motivated, energized, and focused on their work. To boost the productivity of your company, here are some of the most effective constructive strategies- […]

HR Leaders Asia is Back in Singapore

Normalcy returning does not guarantee that everything will be quite well for HR leaders. Instead, as we go toward the intersection of changes and innovation, expect to encounter disruption in implementation and planning. Another event of rockbird media has been curated for you!  The HR Leaders event will hold its 12th edition on March 9 […]