12th HR Leaders Asia: OSI Systems’ Raymund Chua speaks about the things he does to keep on growing as a leader

Raymund Chua is OSI Systems’ Senior Director Human Resources with over 30 years of experience in leading multinational corporations in various industries such as healthcare, LED, oil, gas, aerospace, electronics and so forth. In today’s Spotlight Interview, Raymund shares his notable perceptions of the HR industry throughout his profession. 

Being in the industry for over three decades, Raymund stated that realizing that HR is being paid a salary is one attribute that he believes an HR personnel should possess. Once they have received a salary, they have become professionals regardless of where they are in the organization. “When you choose HR as a profession, you need to understand that our job is to find ways to create great workplaces for employees to thrive in. It also means you will constantly be asking yourself, ‘What else can I do to improve the conditions in which people are able to perform well in their jobs?’” The Senior Director shared that he has seen people who have settled to repeat the same thing – waiting for the next set of orders or just hesitant to take a step forward. HR just became a job to them that the focus is to only get their salary at the end of each month. Over many years, he has coached a number of HR personnels to help them reignite their passion for the HR profession. “Being an HR is not just a job but is a lifelong calling”. 

In making sure that he keeps growing and evolving as a leader, Raymund strives to be a lifelong learner. Since he is in his last leg of his corporate life, he is certain about learning new things even after his retirement. One of his examples is exercising the brain. Relating it to one of his practices, he allows himself to undergo some major disruptions whereby he places himself in an unfamiliar situation where he is forced to pick up new skills in order to survive once every two to three years. “When you are at your most vulnerable stage, the greatest opportunity to learn new things presents itself.” One important thing, according to Raymund, is keeping an open mind to learn new things from others. “The more you learn, the more you will realize that there is a lot more that you do not know”. 

Concluding our discussion, Raymund gave points of advice for all the HR leaders: 

“It still boils down to every supervisor doing the following:

  • Setting the right stretched goals.
  • Monitoring their performance in accordance with given standards.
  • Assessing their performance to determine their strengths and opportunities for improvements.
  • Providing relevant training to ensure that they receive the relevant skills and knowledge.
  • Helping them to develop not just on personal mastery, but also to grow horizontally as well.
  • Rewarding those who have performed well.
  • Dealing with those who did not meet their performance target.
  • Separating those that do not fit within the organization.

If you have the discipline to do these eight steps, your team will be in a much better position to face uncertainties that lie ahead.”

Catch Raymund Chua as he takes part in Fireside Chat at 12th HR Leaders Asia on March 9th, 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

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