ChatGPT: How AI is Revolutionizing HR Practices

In recent years, technology has rapidly transformed the workplace, changing the way we work and interact with our colleagues. With the introduction of new digital tools and innovative software, businesses have become more efficient, productive, and competitive.

One of the digital tools that are being leveraged into the workplace is “ChatGPT”, an Artificial Intelligence chatbot developed by Open AI last November 2022. It utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is based on information gathered from a variety of sources, including textbooks, websites, and various articles.

ChatGPT is now being used by different industries including the Human Resources department. This has enabled HR departments to optimize their workflows and improve their productivity.

By employing ChatGPT, companies can benefit from various advantages, including increased cost-effectiveness, higher employee engagement, simplified onboarding, streamlined management, and improved analytics. With the help of a dedicated chatbot, employees can have access to a virtual HR support system anytime and anywhere. As ChatGPT continues to prove its worth, it’s becoming increasingly vital for HR professionals to incorporate its potential into their practices to stay informed and competitive within the industry.

Despite, the benefits that the ChatGPT has brought, some are weary that artificial intelligence might replace humans in the future. Since utilizing an AI tool is much more efficient and cost-effective than hiring a hundred employees.

However, Patrick Gentry , the CEO of Sprout, an HR solutions platform stated in his rappler interview that “AI is similar to the industrial revolution because when machines came along people are scared that the machines will take their jobs. You’ll see the same thing with AI. It doesn’t mean that people are gonna lose jobs that means that our jobs will be changed profoundly. And I think that’s a great thing. I wouldn’t feel threatened by it, it will be an adaptation that we have to do.” (Gentry, 2023)

Sprout Solutions themselves are using ChatGPT in their company by layering the AI tool into their workflow; using it in different parts of the business. Gentry (2023) added that “ ChatGPT frees up hr professional to do more meaningful work than doing repetitive tasks such as answering questions like leave policies. It’s absolutely a great thing but it changes our jobs in a more meaningful way.”

Currently, AI tools like ChatGPT are not intended to replace humans. Rather, their purpose is to assist humans by streamlining tasks and increasing efficiency, ultimately making life more convenient.

According to Daniel Linna Jr., a professor at Northwestern University, while ChatGPT and similar AI tools hold promise, there is currently an excess of hype surrounding them. Linna emphasizes that these tools have limitations and cannot perform every task, cautioning that they should not be viewed as magic solutions.

AI right now is not at the same level as humans as there are still certain tasks that they cannot replicate such as emotional intelligence, handling complex scenarios, interpreting non-textual information, high-quality training data, and personalization among others.

The advancement of AI and language models will create both new opportunities and challenges for HR roles. Therefore, it is crucial for HR professionals to stay informed about the latest developments in AI technology to effectively navigate the future of the industry.

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