The Power of Empathy in Leadership: Adzlan Zakaria’s Approach to Managing a Diverse Workforce

Adzlan Zakaria, as the Head of the Group Performance Rewards Management and Transaction Centre at FGV Holdings, advocates for a human-centered approach that breaks away from the one-size-fits-all mentality. He believes in being agile and creative in communication to better engage with others. 

Adzlan emphasizes the importance of adopting a growth mindset and actively breaking the past formula to learn and improve before curating activities and processes. His growth mindset has earned him accolades such as the Best Company To Work For In Asia for the years 2015 and 2017 HR Asia Awards, and the GEO 2015 Global Equity Organization Award in the United Kingdom for The Most Innovative and Creative Plan Design.

With the responsibility of overseeing a global workforce of approximately 51,000 employees, Adzlan understands the value of effective communication, particularly when bridging geographical and cultural boundaries among employees. By being empathetic and attentive to their needs, he aims to cultivate a work environment that nurtures collaboration and enables the achievement of shared objectives. 

Driven by thoughtful deliberation, Adzlan’s leadership style encompasses a thorough consideration of decisions’ potential impacts across various organizational levels and diverse geographical and cultural contexts. This meticulous approach ensures that strategies and initiatives are tailored to meet unique needs and align with the broader objectives of each region.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Adzlan Zakaria demonstrates a deep commitment to making a positive impact through philanthropy, with a specific focus on supporting orphanages. His dedication reflects both his passion for his profession and his desire to uplift and empower vulnerable communities. Adzlan exemplifies a well-rounded individual who recognizes the importance of giving back to society and effecting meaningful change beyond the confines of his career.

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