Herman Cahyadi on embracing the spirit of Gojek: “We believe in ‘Pasti Ada Jalan’ or ‘There’s always a way’.

With over two decades of professional experience, Herman Cahyadi stands as a testament to the power of adaptability and resilience in the ever-evolving corporate landscape. Having a background mainly in the structured realm of banking, he transitioned into the dynamic environment of a well-known Indonesian Tech company, GoTo’s On-demand Services – Gojek, now serving as its Chief People Officer.

Reflecting on this transition, Cahyadi notes, “Coming from banking, which is actually really structural, we already have everything in place, especially on the human resource side. Moving into the project side at a startup, we didn’t have that structure.” This shift required a new mindset—one of agility and a willingness to face any challenges. Embracing the spirit of Gojek, he emphasizes the importance of believing and taking the initial step, even during uncertainties. “We believe in the saying ‘There’s always a way’ or ‘Pasti Ada Jalan’, so ‘just start first’ or ‘mulai aja dulu.’ We may not know everything, but we must begin to see the result and understand what we need to do next for better results.

When it comes to diversity and inclusion within Gojek’s workforce, particularly in the context of Indonesia’s rich multicultural society, Cahyadi places a strong emphasis on respect. He highlights Indonesia’s unifying principle of ‘one nation, one language,’ stressing that despite the multitude of cultures, traditions, and languages, there exists a shared respect that binds the nation together.

Moving beyond the professional sphere, Herman Cahyadi shares his passions for travel, culinary, photography, and the automotive industry. Acknowledging the demanding nature of his role, he emphasizes the importance of setting aside time for oneself, even in the midst of a busy schedule. “There are days when we have limitations. On busy days, we always need to take care of ourselves and take time to have a break.” 

Catch more of Gojek’s Chief People Officer, Herman Cahyadi as he partakes in insightful conversation in the upcoming HR Leaders Strategy Meeting on the 15th of November at The Westin Jakarta. 

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