Embracing Boldness and Consistency: Agustina Samara’s Leadership Philosophy

In the rapidly changing environment, particularly within the context of digital transformations in Indonesia, the HR department believes that it needs to undergo a transformation at a similar pace. The HR team sees the necessity of leading the organization in comprehending these changes, beginning with the preparation of its people, processes, and technology. They view these three aspects as pivotal roles that HR can play in driving organizational adaptation. A powerful statement from Tina Samara, the Chief of People & Corporate Strategy, DANA Indonesia.

With decades of experience dealing with a wide range of people, Tina’s perspective on genuine leadership has crystallized into three fundamental principles. From her point of view, effective leadership hinges on three key elements. 

Firstly, as a leader, it is imperative to possess a sincere and genuine commitment to nurturing the growth and development of their team members. This commitment is not only about imparting skills and knowledge but also about fostering an environment where individuals can flourish and reach their full potential. Hence, a learning culture is well embedded within DANA Indonesia to ensure current talents are nurtured.

Secondly, she emphasizes that without this genuine dedication to developing people, leaders may find themselves prone to becoming overly critical or even irate when an organization falls short of their expectations. Adaptive leadership  is key to ensure organizations continue to evolve as technology advancement is inevitable.

In essence, Tina firmly believes that a genuine heart dedicated to the development of people is not just a desirable trait but an indispensable one for anyone in a leadership role. It’s this commitment that not only drives organizational success but also cultivates a positive and supportive work culture that benefits everyone involved.

When asked about what advice can she give to other HR leaders to better manage their employees and workforce, she reiterated that—

“We need to adopt a new way of thinking regarding how we work, adapt, prepare our organizations, and develop our people to thrive in this volatile and uncertain era. We need to be bold and consistent in our efforts to improve ourselves and the entire team. This improvement should be achieved through upskilling, reskilling, and a dedicated commitment to ongoing learning, including for ourselves as HR leaders.”

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