Samsung Bans Use of Chat GPT After Code Leak by a Staff

Samsung Electronics Corporation is banning the use of Chat GPT and other AI-generative tools after a recent “misuse” by an employee.

According to Bloomberg’s report,  severe measures were taken when the company discovered an accidental leak of sensitive internal source code by an engineer who uploaded it to Chat GPT.

“Samsung is working to find ways to use generative AI services in a security-safe environment for employees so that work efficiency and convenience can be enhanced. Until these measures are prepared, we are banning the use of generative AI service for company-owned computers temporarily,” said a Samsung representative.

The management is concerned that the data shared with AI chatbots could be stored on servers owned by Chat GPT like Open AI, Microsoft, and Google, or could be accessed by unauthorized users.

Big companies like Amazon have also banned the use of Chat GPT after discovering that the responses from the AI tool were similar to their internal data. Several financial firms including JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citi Group, Deutsche Bank, and Wells Fargo, have followed in banning the said AI tool to mitigate the potential risk of sensitive information leaks.

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