Inclusive Career Development: Baktiar Hasnan’s Vision for Diversity and Equity

Baktiar Hasnan, the President of the National Career Development Center Association of Malaysia, emphasized the difference between the concept of getting a job and building a career.

“Sometimes, people are not aware. In fact, those who are currently employed will often answer or provide a certain perspective. People tend to be more focused on getting a job to get paid and support their bills, while building a career to assist and accelerate personal growth through pursuing passion, ultimately allowing individuals to position themselves is also important in a very challenging world nowadays.”

He also highlighted the continuous requirement to generate high-value jobs that place innovation above mere survival, a course that they have pursued for the last six years. It is important to enable our local talent to compete with global talent accordingly. However, employers need to offer high wages, create more high skills jobs for future workforce in the market as most of the current job creations are for low skills and mid-skilled workforce. Employee’s  innovation culture needs to be celebrated, productivity being rewarded, supported with sustainable solutions to clients, and company. This will enable our country to become a hub for quality foreign investment globally. 

On top of this, he is also a prominent advocate of DEI, which stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. His strong support for these principles underscores the significance of fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment within career development initiatives. Not just in gender equality but also for people with disabilities. 

Moreover, he flexed the importance of maintaining a consistent effort in dealing with diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization. These aspects encapsulate a fundamental principle. The focus extends to individuals with unique requirements, marginalized communities, and those with disabilities, facilitating their integration into the industry. A trend is noted where various chances are emerging, making reskilling and upskilling attainable even for individuals without disabilities. This remains applicable regardless of an individual’s origins, be it from a rural setting or disadvantaged conditions.

“I envisioned a platform to establish a Talent Development Center that covers the entire spectrum. This encompasses various aspects, ranging from recruitment and selection to performance management, leadership identification, future placement policies, and tailored strategies for individuals with disabilities.”

Baktiar Hasnan’s insights bring to the forefront not only the differences between securing a job and building a career but also the overarching need for inclusivity and equitable opportunities in the modern professional landscape. His emphasis on addressing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion within organizations underscores a crucial foundation for sustainable growth.

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