Crafting Strategies for Wellness: Rodica Belocosov’s Impactful Vision

In addition to her position as the Vice President of People at MoneyLion, Rodica Belocosov is also the founder of My Naturi. With a strong passion for healthy food and wellness, she conceived the idea of delivering quality and nutritious foods directly to the kitchens of Malaysians.

“My intent was to bring healthy foods to the Malaysian community at accessible prices, ensuring unquestionable quality, and making a positive contribution in that space. That was how My Naturi was born as an idea, a side project, which is now providing quality nutritious foods on Malaysian tables”

Her background in leadership at MoneyLion provides her with valuable experience in managing teams and resources effectively. Through My Naturi, Rodica aims to not only provide convenient access to wholesome foods but also to inspire a broader shift towards mindful eating and overall well-being in Malaysia.

Despite having a lot of responsibilities, Rodica Belocosov finds that cultivating resilience and maintaining a positive outlook greatly assist her in her role as a leader in the People domain. She believes that these qualities are instrumental in tackling the challenges she encounters on a daily basis.

Rodica holds deep-seated gratitude for the expansive learning and exposure she gains across diverse markets, particularly the Malaysian landscape, along with its rich tapestry of cultures. She values the pronounced disparities that exist. Through her diligent practice of astutely observing and introspectively analyzing conversations, an ongoing habit she maintains, she forges her distinct approach. This method facilitates her in understanding her individuality and developmental journey, molding her vision of the leader she aims to evolve into over time.

I have a strong affinity for reading, particularly due to my profound interest and passion for the wealth space. As an individual, I’ve cultivated several habits that some might perceive as constraints, but I view them as tools that have evolved over time. These practices are aimed at ensuring my long-term productivity and overall well-being.

Deriving profound satisfaction, Rodica engages in the formulation of strategies and the pursuit of team formation. Her objective extends beyond the advancement and dissemination of her expertise, encompassing the cultivation of her own development. The notion of making a meaningful contribution to the wellness sector, spanning not only within Malaysia but also transcending international boundaries, strikes a resounding chord within her.

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Through participating, you can acquire valuable perspectives and establish connections with leaders in the field, enhancing your ability to propel your HR strategies toward success!

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