10th HR Leaders Asia 2022: Analiza “Liza” Pulido in the Spotlight

Analiza Pulido

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires leaders who can create impact and Liza’s

experience says that she’s the best person for the job.

A top management and human resources executive with more than 24 years of professional work experience crisscrossing both public and private organizations. She has expertise in business development, management, and the general facets of human resources, strong organizational development, and change management experience.

On April 27th, Analiza “Liza” Pulido” will be a member of the panel discussion on “Employee Burnout” at the 10th HR Leaders Asia 2022. This week, we had a chance to catch up with her and this is what she shared with us.

  • Who is Ana Pulido at work and home?

First off, I am a mother of three and I also consider myself a “mother to all our employees” and

lastly, a friend to many. As an HR professional, I’m very passionate about life. I finished my

Economics degree at the University of the Philippines and I became a practitioner in Human

Resources by accident. It was at that point that I hit a crossroad in my life. I was considering

law but then I had a friend who was an HR practitioner who told me that I’m better off at HR

because I have these innate qualities that will make me a very successful HR professional. I

followed his advice and here I am.

No regrets, whatsoever”

I really thank my friend for pushing me in this direction. My goal has always been to help

people. I want to be able to impact a lot of lives and I thought at that time, being a lawyer was

the only way for me to do that. I think being an HR professional is more encompassing than

being a lawyer. When you’re a lawyer, you deal mostly with legal issues but with HR, you deal

with all the issues that affect the lives of people.

  • With more than 24 years of professional work experience, what would you say is the most challenging part of being an HR leader?

“In my 24 years of experience, I find developing the organizational culture of a company the most challenging.

Even up to this date, there are still many companies that do not really give importance to company culture despite the potential positive impact it can give to an organization.

Most HR practitioners would probably agree with me that CULTURE is something that can be embedded – it’s the life and breath of an organization.” 

Even when we select candidates, we usually look at their knowledge, skills, and attitude. On my

end, I give more weight to assessing a candidate’s attitude. For me, it’s critical to find a

candidate who will be the best fit for your culture. Attitude is something that you can’t change

in a person. Knowledge can be gained and skills can be taught and trained, but the attitude and

belief system of a person, that’s hard to change.

When culture is there and is embraced by everyone it can actually help or significantly improve

employee performance… because when somebody is aligned in terms of culture, everything

goes with it. People are inspired, and employees are engaged. When they are engaged, they

perform better and it drives the profitability and growth of the company.

  • It is said that HR leaders hold a very important role in organizations. If there are three characteristics an HR leader should embody, what are these?

Aside from having strong work ethics and organizational skills, I always give huge points to having strong communication skills. An HR professional needs to know how and when to communicate. Not only that, effective communication with employees should take effort, repetition, thoughtfulness, and most importantly, it needs to come from the heart.

  • In the coming 10th HR Leaders Asia, you will be part of the panel discussion on employee burnout. What can you say would be the most exciting part that the attendees expect on the 27th of April?

As we reflect on this past year and all that it has brought, I think what’s going to be the most

exciting during the 10th HR Leaders Asia 2022 are the lessons and experiences from our fellow

practitioners. What we learned, how it helped us grow, and what are our new approaches…

These are stories you simply won’t want to miss.

Be sure not to miss Liza Pulido at the 10th HR Leaders Asia 2022, taking place on April 27, 2022,

at the Dusit Thani, Manila.

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