Tengai: The First Unbiased Human-Like Recruiting Avatar Enters Global Market

Tengai AB, a Stockholm-based HR Tech startup company officially opens its human-like avatar in the global market this April 2023.

The Tengai avatar is the first unbiased human-like recruiting software that interacts with applicants, streamlines the screening process, and gathers essential candidate information. This allows recruiters to tailor the avatar to their organization’s requirements, enabling them to quickly identify and match the most suitable candidate more efficiently.

Previously, there was no software that had a human-like screening interface that could engage candidates and assist recruiters in obtaining accurate candidate data. Tengai’s solution eliminates the need for recruiters to arrange schedules and manually screen applicants. Furthermore, the AI interview is authenticated by psychometric experts which provide recruiters access to structured data.

Aside from improved efficiency, the Tengai avatar can engage in human-like conversations and offer personalized feedback to every candidate.

Tengai is equipped with an unbiased framework that has a blend of established interview techniques and behavioral science, combined with advanced conversational AI. Its updated version offers an improved Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and a new voice.

The Tengai team is committed to making their new recruitment software accessible and empowering for job applicants and recruiters worldwide.

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