10th HR Leaders Asia 2022: Analiza “Liza” Pulido in the Spotlight

Analiza Pulido

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires leaders who can create impact and Liza’s experience says that she’s the best person for the job. A top management and human resources executive with more than 24 years of professional work experience crisscrossing both public and private organizations. She has expertise in business development, management, and the general facets […]

In the spotlight: Julie Hudtohan on Leadership

Julie Hudtohan

Ahead of the 10th HR Leaders Asia, an event gathering HR professionals from various industries, Rockbird Media will be chatting weekly with the thought leaders, and visionaries who will be gracing the event. This week, we speak with Julie Hudtohan, Vice President for Human Resources, Unilever Philippines. Making the interaction uniquely her own, she shared […]

10th HR Leaders Asia 2022: Ruby Jaucian in the Spotlight

Ruby Banner

We are excited to welcome Ruby Jaucian, who is the Chief Human Resources Officer of Aboitiz Renewables, Inc. (ARI), as a keynote speaker at the 10th HR Leaders Asia 2022.  Ruby has experience in leading talent management programs and initiatives across different business units from different industries. Her span of experience covers culture, strategic workforce […]

When do we stop recognizing the value of human connection at work?

Applicant Sample

Working life sometimes makes us lose touch with our humanity. This is when our working hour becomes less joyful, working relationship less stable and work product less meaningful. We need to remember how to be human at work. Not just for humanity but for our own sanity.  Oh, and because it makes good business sense! […]

Reskilling the Workforce: 2030 Talent Shortage Prevention

Reskilling Workforce

As business leaders are hustling to move forward with digital transformation, reskilling of the workforce is similarly calling for attention. Automated jobs are the result of emerging technological advances hence, organizational restructuring happens to suspend job redundancy. With this innovation, one might ask if people are now invaluable to industries. Despite this turning point, new […]